TikTok Shop TAP and FastData Co-holding TikTok Affiliate Partner Recruitment Successfully

January 16 22:17 2023


Jointly executed by TikTok Shop TAP and FastData, the TikTok Affiliate Partner Recruitment was successfully held at 16:10 on October 27, 2022. Mr. Zhou Honggen, head of TikTok Shop Cross-Border E-commerce TAP, and Mr. Xu Mingzhi, head of FastData Data Analysis Tool Products were invited to interpret and analyze TAP from multiple perspectives and dimensions.

TAP introduction and know-how

TAP rights and interests and the differences from other partners

The activity officially started at 15:00 on the same day. Mr. Zhou Honggen, head of TikTok Shop Cross-Border E-commerce TAP, gave a keynote speech themed “TikTok Affiliate Partner Recruitment”. The speech focused on the key issues from four aspects:

I. Unique features of TAP&TSP&MCN

II. Solution to TAP business with a growth rate of 300%

III. E-commerce broker’s rights and interests

IV. E-commerce broker’s strategy. Zhou also answered the key questions (here are some of them):

I. What is TAP: 

II. Unique features of TAP&TSP&MCN 

III: Business mode of TAP: 

IV. E-commerce broker’s rights and interests

Southeast Asia Data Insight,

How to Operate Southeast Asia Business Through Data Analysis

Then, Mr. Xu Mingzhi, head of FastData Products, gave a keynote speech themed “FastData Empowering Southeast Asian Merchants and Detailed Explanation of Creator Strategy”, and fully explained the importance and opportunities of TAP business from the data level of FastData data analysis tool. Finally, Mr. Xu introduced the conference held by FastData on September 16: I. Southeast Asia Data Insight, II. 2 core steps to find a successful store. III. 3 approaches to exploit creators with potentialities.

IV. 4 methods to select bestsellers.

Xu also analyzed the key data (part of the analysis is as follows): I. Southeast Asia stores: 

(The above data is from FastData rather than TikTok)

In September and October, the sales volume of three major bestsellers of TikTok Shop, namely Beauty & Personal Care, Womenswear & Underwear, and Home Daily accounted for more than 50% in five new markets (excluding Philippines) of Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Singapore. TikTok stores in Southeast Asia grew by more than 15% in a 10-day period, with those in the Philippines recording the fastest growth of 83%.

II. TikTok creators in Southeast Asia: 

(The above data is from FastData rather than TikTok)

Creators in the field of Vlog, Entertainment and Makeups occupy the largest proportion among all creators in five new markets (excluding Philippines) of Southeast Asia. Between June and October, the number of TikTok e-commerce live streaming creators increased by more than 66% in Southeast Asia, with the Philippines seeing the fastest growth at 230%.

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