Currick Exchange – Applying AI solutions to empower crypto assets

February 02 12:25 2023

The combination of AI and encrypted assets will become the next innovative field that detonates the encrypted market.

After analyzing global investor behavior, market fluctuations and important influencing factors, Currick, a global innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform, disclosed five major drawbacks of the trading market in the “2022 Encrypted Assets Annual Report”:

1. The quality of circulating currencies is uneven

2. The transaction method is simplified and cannot meet the needs of users

3. Intense price fluctuations lead to large changes in user income

4. Lack of professional services in the process, relying only on manual tracking

5. Transaction security issues

These problems have caused investors to bear huge risks and inconveniences. As an innovative multi-currency digital asset trading platform, Currick took the lead in introducing “AI technology” into digital asset trading, and developed a unique “AI intelligent trading model” to effectively solve the above problems. The specific countermeasures are:

1. With the help of Currick’s self-developed AI intelligent system, comprehensively score each currency, decide whether to go online based on the score, regularly monitor the health of the currency, and eliminate bad currencies in time to make high-quality currency better circulated

2. Currick not only provides currency trading, fiat currency trading, option trading, etc., but also will soon launch leveraged trading, contract trading, and more diversified trading areas for users to choose from

3. Currick uses AI intelligent algorithms to extract the quantitative characteristics of financial analysis, forms a multi-strategy, risk-proof financial analysis model, continuously monitors market price fluctuations, accurately captures trading opportunities and executes transactions, and maximizes the benefits for investors

4. Relying on the AI intelligent trading model, Currick has developed an intelligent trading assistant with a variety of built-in trading strategies to provide investors with a wealth of strategic trading tools to create safe, efficient and accurate investment strategies. Investors do not need to keep an eye on the market 24 hours a day, so they can rest and invest better.

5. Currick’s AI intelligent transaction mode is equipped with an AI risk control system, which monitors suspicious transaction behaviors in the background, and once a risk is found, it turns on the danger warning mode, quickly discovers and handles danger, warns in real time, reduces and eliminates safety risks, and guarantees maximum protection Safety of Funds for Investors and Platforms

In the solutions provided by Currick, it can be seen that AI plays a significant role in the encryption industry. However, the application of AI technology has extremely high requirements on the platform. It not only requires the platform itself to be powerful and cost a huge amount of money, but also requires the support of a top-level technical team.

To this end, Currick has equipped a top technical team of more than 300 people. The team members are from BAT first-line Internet companies and early traders in the blockchain, and some members are from top Wall Street investment banks such as Morgan, Goldman Sachs, and Bloomberg. Trading World has rich experience and deep technical capabilities, and can better combine cutting-edge algorithm applications with the encryption industry to help global users use digital assets more conveniently.

As the world’s leading innovative digital asset investment platform, Currick has always put users first. At present, Currick has more than 2.1 million users worldwide, and provides stable and secure digital asset transaction services for users in 50 countries around the world every day. In the future, Currick will spend a huge amount of money to transfer over US$10 billion of funds managed by platform investors through multiple institutions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, etc. to the AI ​​smart trading sector, so that every user can enjoy AI smart trading Convenience and wisdom.

Currick Exchange has completed the layout of many countries and regions around the world. The company is located in dozens of countries and regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Japan, and Hong Kong, and plans to gradually open regional distributed exchanges. With strong platform strength, leading AI smart trading model and top technical team, Currick will continue to provide investors with professional and complete analysis and investment strategies, improve the transparency and information quality in the current cryptocurrency ecosystem, and build a real Safe, transparent and efficient trading environment.

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