Embrace Equity, see how female technicians chase their R&D dreams in ZHAOWEI

March 08 18:21 2023

The theme of 2023 women’s day is “Embrace Equity.” It requires more diversity and inclusiveness to embrace equity. ZHAOWEI Machinery & Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading Chinese manufacturer of Microdrive systems and precision components. It is committed to the field of telecommunication and highly appreciates the diverse innovation that carried out by females in the technology industry. Today we interviewed four female technicians in ZHAOWEI to share their R&D stories.

Xia Sun, ZHAOWEI’s senior engineer, who has been working in ZHAOWEI for nearly seven years since she graduated from mechanical engineering major in 2016. For the past seven years, Xia Sun has played leading roles in many projects, including intelligent robots, intelligent electronic locks for doors and windows, massager gearboxes, cleaning robot gearboxes, smart shoe gearboxes and EV charger plug actuator. In her first year in ZHAOWEI, she won the Best Product Development Award for Microdrive system. “We are committed to producing products with reasonable price and excellent quality for our customers. Every success of these projects is inseparable from our team’s mutual cooperation and customers’ support.”  Xia Sun told us.

Huanxiang Liang was employed as a reserve cadre of ZHAOWEI at the very beginning, and she may not have imagined to become an IT development engineer one day. “Perhaps it is because team cooperation is my inherent working principle, and I hope that the systems I have developed can achieve effective communication between various departments of ZHAOWEI, as well as give positive feedback. During her career, Huanxiang Liang has developed document management system, project management system, order management system and SAP ERP system, among which the document management system had won the second prize of “ZHAOWEI Annual Information Award” and the project management system had won the second prize of “Intelligent Manufacturing Promotion Award.”

“I’m  now in charge of the plastic molds of automotive products, and these molds are safety parts of cars of high quality demand.” As the operation team leader of the parts engineering department, Xilian Duan adheres to the spirit of ZHAOWEI and checks every data of the molds before their order is placed carefully. “The pressure of sample-delivery and quality management is indeed heavy. I urge every team member to keep firmly in mind all the requirements, thus pushing to the acme of perfection.

“Is this version shippable?” “No problem”, said Rujun Wang, ZHAOWEI’s measurement and control engineer. Her confidence comes from the scrutiny of each version, her lifelong learning of measurement and control knowledge and the efforts of her team.” Testing is inherently a repetitive work, but I can always get in touch of something new when I carry out communication test standardization and formulates CAN/LIN test schemes to meet our customers’requirements.”

ZHAOWEI is proud to see more of its female technicians chasing their R&D dreams.

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