Investing In Foster Youth: Snuggles For Children Provides Scholarships And Laptops For Academic Success

March 18 03:14 2023
Foster children face numerous barriers to academic success. Snuggles For Children, a nonprofit organization founded by Nikhil Das, is making a difference by providing scholarships and technology donations to foster youth. Through their work, Snuggles For Children aims to break the cycle of systemic problems, like frequent school changes, trauma, and lack of resources that lead to poverty after leaving the system. Their ultimate goal is to empower foster youth to achieve their academic goals.

New Jersey, United States – Snuggles For Children, is passionate about helping foster children overcome the barriers that prevent them from thriving in school and accessing higher education. With more than 400,000 children in the U.S. foster system, the educational crisis facing these vulnerable youth is staggering.

According to the National Foster Youth Institute, only half of the foster youth graduate from high school, and only 3% earn a bachelor’s degree. The reasons for this are many and complex, ranging from unstable living situations to trauma and neglect.

“We cannot allow these young people to be left behind,” says Nikhil Das, founder of Snuggles For Children. “At Snuggles For Children, we believe every child deserves the opportunity to succeed in school and life.”

To that end, Snuggles For Children has provided support and resources to foster youth for several years. In addition to donating thousands of notebooks and books, the organization has recently provided 100 laptops to foster youth in California to help them access online learning.

Foster youth often lack access to technology, making it challenging to participate in online classes and complete assignments. Snuggles For Children’s laptop donations have helped bridge this gap.

“Technology is essential for foster youth,” Das emphasized. “It provides new opportunities to access the free resources we all have online and helps them stay connected with their peers and teachers.”

But perhaps the most impactful program offered by Snuggles For Children is the $2,000 scholarship it awards to foster youth pursuing higher education. Through this program, Snuggles For Children has so far helped six foster youth attend university and pursue their dreams.

“By providing scholarships and technology, we hope to remove some of the barriers that prevent foster youth from thriving in school,” Das explained. “At Snuggles For Children, we want them to know that someone believes in them and that they have the potential to achieve their dreams.”

Snuggles For Children’s website features stories of scholarship recipients and information on how to donate to the organization. As Das puts it, “Every dollar makes a difference. By supporting Snuggles For Children, you can help foster youth achieve their academic goals and fight the overwhelming statistics stacked against them.”

About Snuggles For Children:

Snuggles For Children is a nonprofit organization that believes in the power of education to transform lives. Founded by Nikhil Das, Snuggles For Children is dedicated to improving the educational outcomes of foster youth who face numerous challenges that hinder their academic success. 

Through their scholarship and technology donation programs, Snuggles For Children aims to equip foster youth with the tools they need to thrive in school and beyond. The organization also strives to raise awareness of the educational crisis in the foster system and encourage individuals and communities to support foster youth. 

Snuggles For Children’s ultimate goal is to ensure that foster youth have access to the same educational opportunities as their peers and that they can achieve their full potential.

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