Singapore’s GENERAL MEDICAL LIABILITY PTE. LTD. enters the Vietnamese market, driving the development of the Southeast Asian medical equipment industry

March 25 00:25 2023

In today’s rapidly developing healthcare industry economy, the medical equipment industry is advancing at an unprecedented pace towards digital transformation, bringing greater convenience and efficiency to people around the world.

Among global related companies, a Singaporean emerging company, GENERAL MEDICAL LIABILITY PTE. LTD., is steadily moving towards its goal of becoming the world’s largest medical equipment leasing service provider with its unique business model. The layout of Southeast Asia is undoubtedly the hottest topic in the medical venture capital circle today. However, the healthcare industry is unique, and what the real situation of healthcare venture capital in Southeast Asia is, and whether these incremental demands have brought high-return investment opportunities for medical venture capital, GENERAL MEDICAL from Singapore provides an affirmative answer.

It is reported that GENERAL MEDICAL LIABILITY PTE. LTD. is a medical equipment leasing company established in Singapore by GE HealthCare, committed to becoming the largest medical equipment leasing service provider in Singapore and even the world. Now, they have officially announced their entry into the Vietnamese market, providing more convenient and advanced medical equipment leasing services for medical institutions and the public in Vietnam.

The field of medical equipment and healthcare technology solutions in Vietnam is rapidly developing, with a broad market outlook, and GENERAL MEDICAL is expected to make progress in areas such as technology upgrades, market size growth, foreign investment, and medical equipment leasing.

GENERAL MEDICAL’s parent company, GE HealthCare, is expanding its global internet ecosystem of medical innovation, with Singapore and Vietnam as its base, radiating to the global medical equipment field.

GENERAL MEDICAL is constantly exploring the issue of empowering the medical economy for every ordinary citizen and improving the living environment of people worldwide.

The business model of GENERAL MEDICAL’s medical equipment leasing is unique and innovative, which can bring stable income to lessees. Most of the income generated by medical equipment will be given to lessees, and this leasing model can bring more commercial returns to lessees. In addition, GENERAL MEDICAL’s medical equipment always uses GE HealthCare’s most advanced technology, which can help medical institutions improve their competitiveness and patient satisfaction. In this business model, GE Healthcare can quickly recover its R&D costs, GENERAL MEDICAL can quickly occupy the market, and further promote the popularity of advanced medical equipment worldwide. People in Southeast Asian countries represented by Singapore and Vietnam can use the latest medical equipment, forming a win-win situation.

General Medical, in addition to its innovative business model, places greater emphasis on the human aspect of the medical field. Their mission is to enhance the health and well-being of people worldwide by providing the best medical equipment, which is a philosophy that permeates all of their operations.

They believe that innovative medical equipment leasing can bring health and welfare to more people and make a greater contribution to social development.

Supported by this vision and philosophy, General Medical is providing the impetus for the entire medical equipment industry in Southeast Asia. Their digital transformation model can provide necessary support for the high-speed operation of the medical equipment industry.

It is believed that GENERAL MEDICAL will continue to maintain its leading position in the medical equipment leasing industry, constantly innovating and advancing the digital transformation of healthcare, and providing better services and solutions.

Through innovative medical equipment leasing services, GENERAL MEDICAL will serve as a bridge between cutting-edge medical technology providers and ordinary healthcare institutions and individuals worldwide.

In the future, GENERAL MEDICAL will expand its business scope to bring more advanced, efficient, and caring medical equipment and services to more medical institutions and patients in different regions.

At the same time, GENERAL MEDICAL will continue to uphold its philosophy and mission. They firmly believe that, with the support of all parties involved, their medical innovation ecosystem will continue to grow and develop, bringing better medical experiences and quality of life to more people.

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