Chiropractic Physician R. Keith McCormick Announces The Release Of His New Book – Great Bones – Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis

May 11 15:17 2023
R. Keith McCormick releases his new book, Great Bones – Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis.

Keith McCormick, chiropractic physician specializing in the management of patients with osteoporosis, has released his new book. Titled Great Bones – Taking Control of Your Osteoporosis, the book is a valuable guide about everything patients with osteoporosis need to know about regaining their skeletal health.

“The internet is rife with (mis)information about osteoporosis, and your doctor may not be forthcoming with the most current science on the subject,” says the author while discussing his new book. “Great Bones explains the interconnectedness among all the body’s systems and their relevance to bone loss in accessible language. By reading this book, you will find everything you need to know about regaining your skeletal health.”

Great Bones is a comprehensive compilation of all the information available about osteoporosis and its treatments. Dr. Keith McCormick explains in detail the biological mechanisms of bone loss, the causes and contributing factors of osteoporosis of various types, and a range of pharmaceutical and natural treatment options available to patients.  

Many doctors prescribe Fosamax, the standard treatment option for osteoporosis, but the drug is unsafe if one goes by the list of side effects, contraindications, and adverse reports about its safety and performance.

Dr. Keith McCormick’s new book is the culmination of decades of research that began with healing himself of the disease.  He had been an Olympic pentathlete, competing in running, swimming, shooting, fencing, and horse jumping.  At 45, McCormick suffered 12 fractures and was diagnosed with severe osteoporosis. He set out to learn everything he could about the disease and how to reverse bone loss.  

Dr. McCormick now participates in Ironman competitions and has not suffered a fracture in over 15 years.  

The chiropractic physician is on a mission to help women and men, athletes and nonathletes, primary care physicians, and specialists understand the basics of skeletal health. He also wants them to know the biological mechanisms of bone loss, diagnostic procedures, and laboratory tests for identifying its causes. The book has information about natural and pharmaceutical treatment interventions to decrease fracture risk and put patients on the path to long-term sustainable bone health.

The ace osteoporosis specialist develops a tailored treatment plan for every patient. It comprises of strength training and dietary improvements. It takes some time for the patients to improve from osteoporosis to osteopenia and then to healthy bone density.  There are no drugs involved and no side effects with this treatment. Patients also get detailed information about what they must do to improve their skeletal health.

About Dr. Keith McCormick:

Dr. Keith McCormick is a leading chiropractic physician specializing in treating patients with osteoporosis. His new book, Great Bones, is a comprehensive compilation of McCormick’s decades of research into skeletal health, the breadth of causes of osteoporosis, the biological mechanisms of bone loss, and both natural and pharmaceutical treatment options. The book provides readers with the information they need to develop effective, individualized treatment plans that work. Great Bones empowers readers to gain a deeper understanding of the inner workings of their bodies and how their actions and decisions impact their skeletal health.  

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