Gtrade365 released that the annual GMV of T-cloud fair exceeded 1.1 billion US dollars

May 18 03:25 2023

In 2020, the gtrade365 launched the project of “World original cloud sales” with the purpose of “allowing enterprises to easily explore the global market without going abroad” without cloud exhibition and cloud sales “. Exhibitors can display product and service information to the world online through the cloud marketing platform, discuss cooperation online, and also use the platform to carry out corporate brand building and global marketing promotion. Led by the gtrade365 to form a trade alliance with more than 70 international and regional foreign trade agencies. Through their own big data platform, They will mine the information of global quality buyers for exhibitors and timely help them to obtain overseas purchase orders.

By the end of 2022, the platform’s total number of global enterprise users reached 300,000, and the annual international trade transaction and transaction performance amount reached 1.1 billion US dollars. Many foreign trade enterprises have completed the overseas market development during the epidemic period through the cloud marketing platform.

In 2022 gtrade365 through online financing cloud exhibition on line meeting way, integration of global quality trade resources, successively and Jiangxi Ganzhou business bureau and Hunan Changsha exhibition office government agencies jointly hosted the ‘China (Ganzhou) the ninth furniture industry online expo’ and’Changsha international engineering machinery cloud exhibition on line meeting activities such as great success, as of March 2023, a total of 1230 overseas buyers through cloud exhibition on line meeting platform launched inquiries, the cumulative turnover reached $120 million. Through its own channel advantages, gtrade365 not only injects more digital elements into traditional foreign trade exhibitions, but also shows China’s excellent industrial advantages and industrial innovation ability to global buyers in the form of new media such as live broadcast and short video, and strengthens the overseas image display of local industrial belts and excellent manufacturing enterprises.

In 2023 gtrade365 will upgrade cloud exhibition on line meeting platform optimization, launched a new version added a number of service functions, involving the enterprise overseas image optimization, sea integrated marketing, data accurate matching, overseas trade promotion and other supporting services, in maintaining “high standard, high quality” service standards, for each cloud exhibition on line meeting activities to expand global propaganda coverage.

Currently in 2023 a total of 12 cloud exhibition on line meeting activity is hot investment, respectively is may high-end equipment and intelligent manufacturing exhibition, June international metal world exhibition and cashmere textiles and garment equipment exhibition, July vehicle and automobile supply chain exhibition and consumer electronics exhibition, August furniture industry exhibition and gifts and craft products, September of new energy and materials technology and medical equipment exhibition, October engineering machinery exhibition, November high quality agricultural products and food and beverage exhibition, chemical equipment exhibition in December. The 12 cloud exhibitions cover nearly 300 categories. The gtrade365 has invited international procurement teams and quality buyers from emerging markets such as ASEAN, the Middle East and Latin America and traditional markets such as the EU and North America to participate in the online one-to-one matchmaking meeting, creating opportunities for exhibitors to quickly obtain overseas trade orders.

“T-cloud fair” platform is the first real global trade matching service platform. The gtrade365 plans to enhance the international image and brand value of enterprises in the international competition through the cloud exhibition and cloud marketing platform, so that enterprises can take the initiative in the international trade. At the same time, They also hope that more Chinese enterprises will join in the “T-cloud fair” platform.

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