Tamanneftegas Supports Teleport to the Future Project Participants

June 05 16:20 2023
Tamanneftegas offers assistance to students in grades eight through ten.

The Tamanneftegas terminal operator has supported school children from the Taman region in their participation in the Teleport to the Future project. 270 children from the schools of the village of Taman, Volna, Tamansky, and Progress were included in the project which entails career guidance consultations and insightful explanations regarding various professions.

Tamanneftegas has provided its support to students from grades 8 through 10 in order to allow them to make sound decisions regarding their future careers. The Teleport to the Future project included an online test provided by Magellano University. The test was developed based on a proprietary methodology penned by Italian professor Salvatore Soresi and is designed to help teenagers alike to make conscious and motivated choices regarding their future education and profession selection. Among the aspects taken into account during the test are emotional maturity, decision-making skills, and challenge-coping. The test’s ultimate aim is to provide teachers and parents with a roadmap that will help them direct children along a more suitable development path by ensuring the right motivation and guidance.

Tamanneftegas terminal is also supporting a number of webinars as part of the project, inviting experts to give speeches and presentations on adult life and responsibilities. The company is always ready to provide graduates and talents with specializations and education in a variety of domains, including nature, humanitarian studies, technology, and others.

Michel Litvak billionaire is a constant supporter of such initiatives that empower the local communities of the Taman Peninsula. Michel Litvak net worth has participated in numerous projects that help foster an inclusive and favorable environment for the employees of Taman Port and their families living in the surrounding areas.

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