Concerted sacrifice to the ancestor of the Chinese 2022 sacrifice ceremony of Yellow Emperor held in Jinyun, China

October 05 07:01 2022

On October 14th, the people’s government of Zhejiang Province held the sacrifice ceremony of the Yellow Emperor in Jinyun, China. Chinese and foreign descendants of Yellow Emperor, at the foot of the towering Dinghu Mountain, offered sacrifices to the Yellow Emperor, in order to strengthen the sense of community of the Chinese nation and unite the spirit of unity of the Chinese people.

At 9: 50 a.m., all the participants stood up solemnly and loud 5-ring long trumpets of nine trumpeters kicked off, followed by 34 drums and 15 bells, representing the reverence of 34 provinces, municipalities directly under the Central Government, autonomous regions and special administrative regions and 1.5 billion descendants of the Chinese people all over the world

In the year of Renyin (2022), the sacrifice ceremony of the Yellow Emperor in Jinyun, China, was held with the theme of “United as One; Glories as Pioneers”. More than 300 guests from leaders at all levels, Taiwan compatriots in Zhejiang, overseas Chinese, overseas students, advanced models, experts and scholars and representatives from all walks of life attended the ceremony. At the same time, the sacrifice activities are held overseas, and overseas Chinese are organized to watch the live broadcast, so as to pursue the future with motivations, cherish the memory of ancestors, and enhance national identity and cultural belonging.

Jinyun is the only county in China with the name of Yellow Emperor. It is also the sacrifice center of Yellow Emperor in southern China, the cultural research center and exhibition center of Yellow Emperor in southern China. Jinyun’s sacrifice to Yellow Emperor began in the Eastern Jin Dynasty and has a history of more than 1,600 years. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, the shrine of Yellow Emperor was destroyed by the war, but the people who visited the former site of Yellow Emperor’s shrine were still in constant stream. It was not until 1998 that Jinyun rebuilt the shrine of Yellow Emperor in the prosperous Tang Dynasty and resumed the ceremony of offering a public sacrifice to the Yellow Emperor. Since the restoration of the festival, people’s and public offerings to the Yellow Emperor have been held in Tomb-Sweeping Day and Double Ninth Festival every year. In 2011, “Jinyun Yellow Emperor Festival” was selected into the third batch of national intangible cultural heritage representative list. In 2014, it became a festival project approved by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council in Zhejiang Province. In July, 2021, with the approval of the leading group for the activities of the National Clean-up and Standardization Celebration Seminar Forum, it was agreed that the sponsor of the ceremony of offering sacrifices to the Yellow Emperor in Jinyun, China would be changed to Zhejiang Provincial People’s Government once a year.

Connected by kinship, passed down from generation to generation. Yellow Emperor is the pioneer of Chinese culture. Five thousand years ago, the Yellow Emperor led the tribes to unify China, creating a precedent for clan integration and laying a solid foundation for the development of China. He led the people in numerous innovations such as sowing, characters, calendar, clothes, boats, vehicles, melody, and medicine, creating splendid Chinese culture. Yellow Emperor’s spirit of openness, tolerance, unity, civilization and innovation has always inspired the Chinese people to keep moving forward and making progress.

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