Chantal Ul Haq Weedon Is Transforming Women’s Lives Every Single Day

December 05 17:40 2022

When Chantal Ul Haq Weedon was in her mid 20’s, she dreamed of becoming a lawyer. She wanted to help people and make a difference in the world.

But after just a few years of practicing law, she quickly realized that this didn’t feel aligned anymore. She began feeling trapped in her job.

Chantal had been experiencing chronic migraines for years, which added to her depression. She was constantly in pain, both physically and mentally, and her mental health was declining at a rapid rate. Despite being a Partner in a law firm and everything looking great from the outside looking in, she became suicidal and eventually had to seek help from a mental health team.

It was only when she began learning how to help herself that she was able to start healing. Chantal qualified as a Life Coach in 2020, and through this work, she realized that she could also help others transform their lives. This included taking them from feeling trapped in their relationship, their career or business, their mindset or past trauma.

She began learning all different methods to help people release blocks that were holding them back.

Chantal became certified in various other modalities that allow her to identify the root cause of issues, but also help release them so that clients can move forward in their lives.

She has since created personalized programs and packages for women who are ready to let go of the beliefs that have been limiting their lives. She also works together on blocks that are stopping them from stepping into their purpose and passion.

Chantal has had the privilege of working with many clients as a Life Coach. She’s continually amazed by how clients’ lives can be transformed through this work.

She says it’s an incredible honor to support and witness healing and transformation in her clients.

If you are feeling stuck in any area of life or feel like you’re not living life to the fullest, then consider working with a Life Coach like Chantal.

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