Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records launches today with innovative ways to compose home and office spaces.

January 25 15:15 2023

ST. CHARLES, Ill. – There are now more options than ever before when it comes to decor, but none are based on one of the most powerful tools to create an environment: one’s life song. That changes today with the launch of Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records at thejankshop.com

The way we decorate our homes and offices is a representation of our life. As in life, your environment is what you make it. Creating one’s own environment is the single most fundamental action that one must take to customize, realize, and actualize the particular items that create inner stability, outer calm, and forward-thinking. This creation of environment brings a sense of home to wherever one’s heart is. 

Whatever one makes in their life is their own life’s song. Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records offers an innovative way to compose your life song and reimagine whatever you define as your home, office, or consistent environment of productivity and creation. Using music and art inspired by music, Environment gives you the ability to design and optimize your unique interiors to make them truly yours. 

Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records is an interior design site and online shop that allows you to customize your home and office decor with music and art. Environment offers framed canvas prints, metal prints, plain and framed posters, furniture, and accessories to create an interior home, office, or studio space that is both unique and purposeful. New designs are added daily at a wide range of price points to suit every budget. 

Transform your space with sound and art whenever you need a change. With Environment, you can create a custom environment in your home or office on demand like a design pro. 

Environment provides step-by-step guides, like the Create an Office Template (https://thejankshop.com/blogs/news/the-create-an-office-template), that anyone can follow to design their own unique atmosphere with music and art. In addition, Environment offers a curated collection of diverse original artwork in various formats to suit every style, from traditional to minimalist and everything in between. Environment also helps you complete your interior decor with checklists for creating distinctive looks and ambiance in your home, office, studio, or anywhere you need to create a purposeful space. 

Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records is a great way to bring your interior design ideas to life. Use Environment to easily find something that suits you and create a space that is truly yours. 

With Environment, you can create a space that is inviting and comfortable yet also stylish and sophisticated. New artwork and accessories are added daily. Hand-pick your favorites from a wide selection of designs or follow pre-made templates to easily find something that suits your taste. You can create a space that reflects your personality and style, and that is sure to impress your guests. Environment is a great way to make your home or office stand out from the rest.

Using Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records to reimagine your home or office style is easy and can be done in just a few steps. 

First, choose the type of environment you want to create. You can choose from a variety of designs and styles, so you can easily find something that suits your taste.

Once you have chosen the style you want, it is time to select your artwork. You can browse the framed canvases, posters, metal prints, and interior accessories or follow a curated template list to get everything you need. Your artwork and accessories will be shipped directly to your home or office within 7-10 business days. 

Finally, it’s time to bring your environment to life once your items have arrived. Environment templates provide easy-to-follow guides for arranging your artwork, furniture, and accessories to achieve the perfect ambiance for your space. Put on an Environment playlist, and your inviting home or office atmosphere is complete. 

Environment is the latest offering from The Jank Guitar Store Records. Established in 2004 at the University of Florida in Gainesville, FL, USA, The Jank Guitar Store Records has been innovating from day one. The Jank Guitar Store Records developed from working with aspiring artists in its early days to growing to serve a global market of independent thinkers, creators, listeners, and artists that strive to create their own unique environments. 

Rooted in the Jank genre of music, diversity has been The Jank Guitar Store Records’ vision from the beginning. From representing a broad range of musical styles to meet a variety of personal tastes and experiences to curating one-of-a-kind retail, educational, and public art environments, The Jank Guitar Store Records are experts at defining unique and personalized spaces to suit the needs of diverse individuals. 

“Jank stands for diversity in music, life, and culture,” said The Jank Guitar Store Records founder and board chair, Steve Douglas. “All of the above are less about the categories of things and more about the enhancement of all as individuals, not people.”

Music is an integral part of Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records. Every artwork design is inspired by a sound or instrument that is represented within The Jank Guitar Store Record’s catalog of music. With Environment, you can choose from a variety of music genres, such as classical, jazz, rock, pop, and more, to create the perfect atmosphere in your home or office.

Music can help to create an atmosphere anywhere. It can also help to set the mood, evoke emotions, create a sense of relaxation and comfort, or enhance focus and creativity. Each piece of original artwork in Environment captures the essence of music in a visual medium to bring the intensity and life of the sound to liven up your blank walls. With Environment by The Jank Guitar Store Records, you can easily make the perfect, purposeful atmosphere out of any space.

Visit thejankshop.com to create your environment now.

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