Lithvik uncloaked Policing Phronesis for LEA’s and MNCs

March 25 00:29 2023
Lithvik uncloaked Policing Phronesis for LEA's and MNCs

Lithvik, a renowned Perception Management, Political Campaigning and Privacy Enforcement Expert, unveiled Policing Phronesis Services and Products for Intelligence led Governance Support

Lithvik, a leading name in Cyber Security and Information Privacy, has recently announced to Strengthen the company’s roots by unifying Forensics and Intelligence into the combined service- Policing Phronesis. This unique combination makes ‘Policing Phronesis’ one of the best solutions which assists various Government Bodies, Law Enforcement Agencies, Defense Forces as well as Private Investigators, ultimately resulting in Smart Policing.

Lithvik Sharma is Group CEO at CryptoMize, a Digital Conglomerate serving Governments, Politicians, MNCs, Celebrities, Family Offices, and HNIs. CryptoMize  leads with an Intelligence-led approach, allowing police departments to utilize data and information to evaluate crime trends and issues better, thus allowing top decision-makers to efficiently and effectively allocate resources and develop crime-fighting strategies.

Today, the majority of crimes are carried out in the digital world. The most obvious exploitation cases include fraud and theft, but others, such as terrorism and murder, are also increasingly committed via the internet. Yes, the Internet! As technology develops and becomes more complex, so do the associated risks to a Nation’s Security. In response, CryptoMize helps Law Enforcement agencies from around the world navigate this new digital reality.

Lithvik Sharma is the leading provider of Policing Phronesis services on a global level. His Forensics and Intelligence experts have helped hundreds of organizations around the world in their most complex, critical, and time-sensitive cyber investigations.

Cyber Forensics is the practice of collecting, analyzing, and reporting digital data in a legally admissible way. It is mainly used in criminal cases where evidence needs to be collected from a computer or a storage medium. This process allows investigators to present their findings as admissible in a court of law, which can be used against offenders in criminal proceedings.

Policing Phronesis is a new and innovative service that will help Law Enforcement Agencies defend against cyber threats by analyzing data from multiple sources and revealing hidden connections to strengthen their security posture. With this new announcement, Lithvik has launched ‘Policing Phronesis’ globally, encompassing a wide range of sub-services, including Strategic Intelligence, Open Source Intelligence, Governance Support, and Cyber Forensics. 

CryptoMize’s unique set of products is designed to help clients restore trust in their business through advanced technologies. They help provide advanced solutions for clients to protect their valuable data from almost all attacks.

Having plenty of experience in numerous fields, including Information Privacy, Cyber Security, and Information Technology, to name a few,  Mr. Lithvik (CEO of CryptoMize) has been revolutionizing people’s digital lives for a decade now. “Basic purpose of advance or current intelligence bodies is to ensure that the government faces no surprises and the information gathered helps it make informed decisions or take counter-action.”

CryptoMize has proven its impact in 30+ Countries and 3+ Continents with the best results. The company has recently announced plans to bring Cyber Forensics and Cyber Intelligence together to offer a much better and upgraded version of Crime handling, which is a must for Effective Policing.

Policing Phronesis is being launched by the company to incorporate Smart Policing in Cities, States, and Nations by identifying offenders most easily and accurately as possible. CryptoMize has smartly clubbed together a total of 12 services under Policing Phronesis. These services are further bifurcated into Forensics and Intelligence. The company has also added Strategic, Operational, and Tactical Intelligence to its incredible services to cover the requirements of Military Operations. 

CryptoMize’s ‘Policing Phronesis’ will deliver clients more accurate and detailed intelligence reports. This new service will help organizations in their defensive action towards different types of Cyber crimes, including those that can put the security of an entire nation at risk, such as Cyber Terrorism and Information Warfare.

Lithvik Sharma explained – “We can fight everything if we have the right resources.” Policing Phronesis makes this accurate by offering a new way of looking at Policing through a lens of intelligence.

Taking Intelligence as its baseline, CryptoMize helps in providing justice to People, Cities, and Nations by working with Law Enforcement Agencies and Defense personnel in all digital Forensic Investigations and cybercrimes. thereby being the first in the world to connect Forensics and Intelligence in a combined service with an Intelligence-led Policing approach.

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