Reddot Award Winner 2023: Fenix LR60R Search and Rescue Flashlight

October 31 03:21 2023
Introducing a high-performance handheld search flashlight with a mechanical rotary switch, OLED display, and impressive illumination.

Fenix is a leading innovator in the world of portable illumination, is thrilled to announce the launch of the Fenix LR60R. This is an extraordinary handheld search flashlight that is designed for the most demanding tasks.

Handheld flashlights have always been in demand because of their illuminating capacity and their ease of use. Fenix LR60R is designed keeping in mind all these factors so that the users do not have to worry.

It is loaded with some of the best features and ultra-bright capabilities which makes it an indispensable tool for go-to tool for cave exploration, outdoor operations, and search and rescue missions. Check out some of the best and useful features.

OLED Smart Display:

It is equipped with an OLED smart display, the flashlight provides real-time information on brightness levels, remaining runtime, and battery status, making it easy to manage your lighting needs. This is one of the most useful features.

Powerful LED Configuration:

The flashlight utilizes one Luminus SFT70 LED and twelve Lumileds SST40 LEDs, ensuring reliability and a lifespan of 50,000 hours.

Available with a Mechanical Rotary Switch:

The LR60R has a mechanical rotary switch. This is very helpful in rapid activation of brightness levels and mode selection. Thus, it is assured that the user has illumination at their fingertips.

Variety of Lighting Modes:

Lighting modes play a critical role in the usability of a product. Users always look for different types of lighting modes. The Search mode is perfect for long-range searching, while the Camp mode offers wide area illumination, catering to various lighting demands.

Excellent Illumination:

The flashlight is available with a maximum output of 21,000 lumens and a beam distance of 1,085 meters, the Fenix LR60R delivers unparalleled brightness and coverage.

Comes with a Replaceable Battery Pack:

Buyers are often concerned about battery life and charging time. Powered by a replaceable battery pack consisting of four 4000mAh batteries, the Fenix LR60R ensures that the user doesn’t have to face power related problems with using the product.

Easy to Use:

People always look for products that are easy to use. The detachable metal handle and included shoulder strap offer extra convenience, and the threaded tripod socket allows for stable illumination during extended operations.

Fast Charging:

No, unlike many other products, this doesn’t take hours to charge. The LR60R features a USB Type-C fast charging port, reducing downtime, and ensuring you’re ready for action quickly.

For those who demand the best in search and rescue equipment, the Fenix LR60R is the ultimate choice. Its useful features, superior brightness, and versatility make it a dependable companion for professionals in challenging environments.


Fenix LR60R 21000 lumens Mechanical Rotary Searching Flashlight at $419.99

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